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The second workshop was conducted on 15th October 2014, it was led by the Interpretation Planner, Ms Payal Wadhwa. The content of the workshop included definition of what the power of comics can be, the many ways one may draw one, what the various ingredients of a comic are. Further the idea was to engage the students with creative ways of interpreting the historical values in the contemporary setup. The workshop was attended by twenty seven children of age group eleven to twenty. The children were asked to imagine a short story that had themselves, Chinsurah and the Dutch and illustrate it in the form of a comic book and their responses were drawn over a period of a fortnight in elaborate comic pages. The objective of the workshop was to encourage the children to understand the multiple layers of the town and its relevance in the contemporary life. The workshop was successful in raising awareness about the history of the Dutch in Chinsurah, make the children conscious of the history and heritage in their contemporary setup as well as valorise what is important for them as a community.

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