A digital resource for histories between the 17-19th century in Chinsurah


The multi-disciplinary team comprising of academics, professionals, community volunteers and students have mapped out this tangible and intangible shared cultural heritage within the erstwhile colony of Chinsurah. The project team at ATA has been led by Ms Aishwarya Tipnis, supported by Dr Oeendrila Lahiri for historic research and Ms Payal Wadhwa, Inspire Conspire Retire (ICR) as the Interpretation Planner. The team at Presidency University has been led under the supervision of Dr Souvik Mukherjee, Department of English & Mr Milinda Banerjee, Department of History.

The cultural mapping project has concentrated on five aspects, Documentation & Mapping of the Tangible & Intangible Heritage, Developing a Historical Timeline, Developing an archive of oral history, Development of comprehensive database of the Dutch Cemetery as an electronic resource and Engagement and Community Development for dissemination of the Dutch Heritage in Chinsurah. Aishwarya Tipnis Architects (ATA) supported by ICR has been responsible for Cultural Mapping, Oral History, Timeline, Engagement & Community Development. Presidency University has spearheaded the development of the database of the Dutch Cemetery in Bengal as an electronic resource that can be accessed over the Internet as well as supervised, Research for Oral History, Timeline & Technical Development of Project Website including GIS. InspireConspireRetire (ICR) are the interpretation planners working as consultants to ATA and have contributed to defining the design language whilst building a cultural engagement strategy for this project.

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